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Name: Lizz, Lisa, OR Liza. Any of those will work
Birthday: May 9
Location: USA
MC Nickname: FOAD

1. Name 5 cds that you own but you would probably never admit to owning heh, i hardly even buy cds... i only have... 7? wow.. is that all? i need to get out more.. stupid living in the country... i wanna live in a town!
2. How often do you listen to said cds? i didnt say any. that means ull probably reject me, doesnt it? hey, just cuz i dont own the cds doesnt mean i dont like the people!
3. Name the first five songs that you would usually tell people are on your playlist any blink 182 songs, any good charlotte songs, any wheatus songs, i dont know, there's a lot...
4. Name 5 songs which you probably wouldn't mention well... simple plan, cuz i hardly ever listen to them and i dont really like them.. again, i dont have a TON of songs on my playlist, i have better things to be doing. I probably wouldnt mention semisonic songs either i guess
5. Have you ever seen any concerts that people might look down on you for seeing? Which ones? once again, i have never been to a concert. call me a loser, i dont care. ive never been to a good concert either, no. hey, at least im being honest, which is what u want here, right?
6. How often do you watch MTV? i dont watch tv much, but that is one station i watch quite a bit, since i dont have fuse. i just love music videos
7. Do you sing in the shower? What did you sing in the shower today? And if you didn't take a shower today, automatic no. well, its not an AUTOMATIC no, because i did take a shower. but its still a no. (people can hear me through the door still!!!)
8. What does the name Britney Spears mean to you? the word that first pops into my mind when i think of her is, "BITCH!"
9. Tell us a joke. how do u fit an elephant into a fareway bag? take the F out of fare and the F out of way. (think about it, you'll get it)
10. Recommend a song. this'll be my year~semisonic
11. Where did you find out about us? by searching for "wheatus" in interests. but, hey, wheatus is one band i am VERY proud of liking.
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