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Music we pretend not to like

but we do

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Now we have our haven. A place where we must not hang our heads in shame, but celebrate what we sing in showers! Where we need not hide having seen Britney in concert in 8th grade or whenever it was! Where we may proclaim our love for music that really, really, really sucks.


  • Fill out this application and our current members will vote on you.

  • The only thing you can post until you are accepted is your application. Any other posts will get you banned.

  • Once you are accepted, go ahead and post like crazy.

  • You must post your application within 72 hours of joining.

  • If you get rejected, you may apply again in two weeks.

  • Any mention of Avril Lavigne or Barbra Streisand will result in immediate rejection and banning. We said bad music, not stupid music.

  • Any use of l337 will make us look upon you more favorably.

MC Nickname:

1. Name 5 cds that you own but would probably never admit to owning
2. How often do you listen to said cds?
3. Name the first five songs that you would usually tell people are on your playlist
4. Name 5 songs which you probably wouldn't mention
5. Have you ever seen any concerts that people might look down on you for seeing? Which ones?
6. How often do you watch MTV?
7. Do you sing in the shower? What did you sing in the shower today? And if you didn't take a shower today, automatic no.
8. What does the name Britney Spears mean to you?
9. Tell us a joke.
10. Recommend a song.
11. Where did you find out about us?

from your lovely modsshweater and legrandempereur